Ventuz 3.08

Ventuz is a professional tool for high-end 3D multimedia presentations

Ventuz is a professional tool for high-end 3D multimedia presentations. It is the perfect solution for presentations given in a business or event surrounding, where every aspect, from location over decoration to catering, has been arranged by specialists.
In a setting like this, you need a presentation that can impress your audience beyond their expectations.
At the same time your presentation needs to be flexible enough to be adapted to changes up to the last minute before the event.
Ventuz is the perfect combination of these two aspects: impressive 3D looks and a real-time environment.
Main features:
Multiscreen Design
Customizable User Interface
Full DirectX9 Support
Render to Texture
-Node-based Scene Setup with Multi-Bindings
-Import of various Image Formats
-Import of 3D Geometry and Textures (Collada, RTG, OBJ)
-Audio Clip Playback (WAV, MP3, WMA, MIDI)
-Audio sync'd to Animation
-3D Sound
-Movie clip playback (AVI, MPEG1/2/4, WMV, Quicktime)
-Quicktime Animation Playback with Alpha
-Image Sequence Playback
-HTML to Texture Conversion
-Advanced Stencil Masks
-Advanced Key Features
-Advanced Geometry for Chart Graphics
-Advanced Ticker, Crawl and Roll Elements
-Text Buffer Technology
-Multi-Layer Texturing
-Render Passes
-Vertex and Pixel Shader Support
-Math Effects, Logics and Expressions
-String Expressions
-Scripting Support (C#, J# and VB.NET)
-Template oriented Repository System
-Slide Manager
-Nested Scenes
-Full UniCode Character Support
-Complex Script Languages Support (Arabic)
-Intelligent Scenes
-Cascadeable non-linear Animations
-Event driven State Machine
-Screen Shaping
-Remote Shaping Utility
-Keyboard and Mouse Controls
-DirectInput Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick
-Connection to Excel, XML and Text Fiiles
-Asynchronous Update of Images, Excel, XML
-Database connection (OleDB, ODBC, SQL, Oracle, MySQL)
-RSS/RDF Live Feeds
-FFT Audio Analysis
-MIDI Input/Output
-DMX Input/Output
-OSC.Net SDK Library
-OSC (Open Sound Control) Input/Output
-Timecode Input (LTC, MTC, OSC)
-Serial Port Input/Output
-Bidirectional .NET Remoting
-Integration with Miranda XMediaSuite
-Text based Command Line Interface
-Publish as Ventuz Backup Archives
-Publish as Ventuz Presentations
-Publish as Ventuz Runtime Archives
-Export AVI / Image Sequence
-Unlimited Resolution *
-Supported Number of live Video Sources one unlimited
-MultiHead DVI Output
-Software Video deInterlace
-Genlock / Framelock
-VGA, DVI Output
-VGA, DVI Input
-CVBS Output
-SD-SDI Input
-HD-SDI Input
-Advanced Key Mode Function

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